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The glens, lochs and mountains of the West Highlands might hold your gaze for a while but you will also find it hard not to be drawn to the woods and trees themselves, some of which are remnants of the ancient pinewoods,  containing the natural Scots Pine, or the ancient oakwoods of the atlantic coastline which originally stretched from Norway to Spain.
Rich with history and folklore they are alive with wildlife - some of which have been successfuly reintroduced over recent years.
The mountains give you the vantage points for viewing much of the wildlife Scotland has to offer but it is in and around the lochs, glens and woods carpeting the lower slopes where you'll find evidence, and hopefully catch glimpses, of Scotlands 'Big 5' ~ golden eagles, red deer, red squirrels, otters and seals. Other birds and mammals (such as osprey, ptarmigan, capercaillie, pine martins and mountain hares) also live in the area but are less frequently seen, and whilst wild cats are close to being extinct they are just managing to hang on on the most remote & outlying areas in Lochaber 

Wildlife, History

& Geology Experiences

We can't guarantee exactly what you will see on one of our wildlife tours but we will ensure youget to experience Scotland's native wildlife whilst learning about the history of it's peoples as well as of the land itself.

Our daily excursions mostly involve easy walking, whereas having the patience to wait for that elusive encounter is likely to be the biggest challenge you will face.   

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