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It has been said that the Highlands are 'incomprehensibly, indescribably beautiful', which is why we are so passionate about showing first hand this small but stunning part of our planet to as many people as possible... our own words simply cannot do it justice!

The essence of our business is to be your professional guides for your visit to the Scottish Highlands: sharing our passion and enthusiasm for the stunning scenery, history and culture that makes Scotland, and the West Highlands in particular, such a wonderful and exhilarating place to experience first hand.

Contrary to popular belief we do have many dry, fine and clear days when the mountain summits stretch out for miles in every direction and the surface of the lochs sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight. However we would be the first to admit that we also get a fair amount of precipitation. That said, it's those same dark and heavy clouds that roll through the glens, or the damp and silent mists which blanket the hills, moors and lochs, that give rise to those spectacular vistas just at the point when you might have been tempted to stay indoors.  

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