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What is WHAT?!


West Highland Adventure Tours offer bespoke mountain hiking and trekking tours throughout the summer and winter seasons including your accommodation and food.  This gives you the added advantage of not having to worry about what you'll need or where you'll stay so you can focus on the real reasons why you chose to come and visit the Highlands of Scotland.

Whether it's your first time in the West Highlands or you're a repeat visitor we've got something for you from day trips to week long explorations.

It is the perfect place from which to launch daily excursions into the surrounding glens and mountains and be rewarded with some stunning views in the more remote locations. By being off the beaten track, your chances of witnessing first hand some of the special flora and fauna will be significantly increased. In addition to this visual feast there will be opportunities to learn about the origins & history of the land, its people and their culture, and still have time to sample one or more of the areas world famous exports.

​While there are countless opportunities for hiking in the glens, along the hillside tracks and up and over the mountain tops walking is just the beginning of the adventure. Whether you want to reach the high summits, watch eagles soaring gracefully overhead, witness the spectacular results of the forces which created this remarkable land or simply immerse yourself in the real Scottish Wilderness experience you will have the opportunity to do all this, and more, and always with the services, support and peace of mind that comes from having a qualified, experienced and enthusiastic guide, come rain or shine.

Our tours offer great flexibility to accommodate your likely varied interests as well as making the most of the variable weather. Whatever you end up doing we're pretty sure you won't leave disappointed and are very likely to go away with plenty of thoughts and ideas about coming back for more.

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