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Climbing & Scrambling

Whether you are an experienced climber with many routes under your belt, a complete beginner in the sport, or somewhere in between, the exhilaration of getting your hands on some classic Scottish rock will be one of your lasting memories - and may very well keep you here longer than you had planned!

We can provide you with the opportunity to experience some of the best climbing routes in the UK, including many classics which are part of the long history of climbing in Scotland such as on or around Ben Nevis. And with a large range of different rock types as well as route types on offer, including scrambling and bouldering, you can rest assured that your arms and legs will tire long before your mind ever does with the wealth of choice on offer and all within a simply mind-blowing setting. 

Introduction to Outdoor Climbing

For those who have only climbed indoors as well as those who have never climbed before.

Classic Routes

on Scottish Rock

If this is your first time climbing outdoors in Scotland you're likely to be spoilt for choice. If you've been before you probably still have many routes left on your tick list.


For those who prefer a little more freedom of movement in some wonderfully scenic and airy places.

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