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Geology tours


Despite its diminuative size Scotland not only contains some of the oldest rocks to be found anywhere on Earth but also one of the richest and most diverse natural collections spanning almost all of the periods of geological or 'deep' time from the most ancient to the most recent.


It's no wonder, therefore, that Scotland has played an important part in the development of the science, and one Scotsman in particular - James Hutton - is rightly credited with being the father of modern geology.

For the most ardent geologist a week in Scotland would be like reading the introductory chapter to an epic novel (possibly entitled 'A Land of Fire & Ice'!). Which means that for the enthusiast you are almost certainly going to be spoilt for choice.

Wildlife, History

& Geology Experiences

Easy or no more than moderately strenuous walks 

will take you to some of the more exciting and awe inspiring locations in the Highlands such as classic u-shaped glens and ancient volcanoes. You will have plenty of opportunity to explore features such as eroded basements, the remains of vast calderas or up and onto lava topped summits. 

At the same time as witnessing and appreciating the forces which have formed, carved and sculpted the land into what we see today you will also have the chance to catch sight of Scotland's native wildlife and learn something of the history of the people who managed to live in this wild yet romantic landscape.

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