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Without doubt, the best way to explore and experience the West Highlands is by hiking. The opportunities are almost unlimited so the hardest part might just be deciding where to go. But rest assured, we will have some great suggestions for you, based on tried and tested itineraries and graded to provide varying levels of personal challenge.

For example, you might decide that having Ben Nevis on the doorstep is too hard to ignore, making it one of your choices and likely highlights for the week.

However, if you prefer to have a little more solitude there are plenty of other, but no lesser, summits, ridges and glens to aim for. 

For a sense of the true wilderness experience, as well as increasing your chances of seeing the more elusive of Scotlands Big-5 and other secretive animals, you might like to combine a trip with an overnight wild camp.

We run both single and multi-day trips which can be booked by clicking here

High Mountain


Graded as 'challenging' these walks will typically have one or more of the major summits as a principal objective.

Wilderness Trekking


Graded as 'moderate' you can expect to be walking through glens and up & down hills to reach the easier, but no less spectacular, summit locations.

Lochs, Glens 

and HillS

Graded as 'leisurely' these walks focus on the glens, lochs and lower level hills.

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